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"Work only prevent knots"


Creator of the idea Onos jewelry
Jewelry design and manufacture

One part of me always knew that art would be what would define it
course of my life ...

So this is me, from the beautiful Kalamata, with studies at the University
Peloponnese in the Department of History, Archeology and Cultural Management

My love for jewelry was evident from my childhood when
I made all kinds of handmade jewelry with whatever materials I could
I get from nature!

My involvement with music, too, put its little stone in it
sensitize that string inside me, for my worship with them
arts that pass through the hands!

Once I got to know the art of jewelry I knew I had just gotten to know it
my great love! Literally and figuratively as well as my art
met my partner and collaborator, Elias! It has been 10 years since
then and every day in every piece of jewelry we create for you, we put
part of our soul.

With materials from mother nature, pebbles, shells, wood, semi-precious and
gems, we compose unique jewelry for each of you, that
you want to stand out with unique and 100% handmade jewelry!

* handmade * (hand hand + poet (poet)

Welcome to our magical world ... The world of handmade jewelry!


Jewelry design and manufacture
Production management

Graduate of the School of Silver and Goldsmithing of Stemnitsa

Where it all ends, the jewel begins after music.


Photography and art editing